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The Dark Hours In the Tomb


My mind is deeply troubled

I know not why the reason escapes me.

As I think upon the passing of a loved one.

When will the cold specter of death touch me?

When will my heart beat for the last time?

For I know I am just one heartbeat away from eternity.

I put those dark thoughts out of my mind for a time.

But those thoughts haunt me where am I going to spend eternity.

Then I heard of the most mysterious story about God’s Son.

Who voluntarily allowed the specter of death to bind Him?

There in that dark cold tomb, bound by the cords of death lay God’s Son.

Then for three days and nights, the greatest spiritual battle raged between God and Satan.

In those dark hours in the tomb the specter of death held,

God’s Son the Lord Jesus Christ in its cold icy grip of death,

knowing no flesh since Adam had ever escaped its icy grip,

except those that were taken up into heaven so willed by God.

The demons were dancing with glee knowing victory was in their grip.

Now at God’s appointed time God’s Son the Lord Jesus Christ,

burst from that dark tomb on the first day of the week victor,

over death, hell and the grave as God had promised in His Holy Word.

The Lord Jesus Christ God’s Son fulfilled that promise by His own death.

Hastened to save me from the icy cold hand of the Specter of Death.

May this be the cry of those who have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ,

as their Saviour for Jesus said these words I am the way, the truth, and

the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

That if the specter of death touches me I will not be in its icy grip in the grave.

For upon resurrection morn when the trumpet sounds I will be like Jesus.

I will burst forth from the grave and death and go up into Heaven,

and be with the Lord Jesus Christ in my mansion in heaven for all eternity.