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What Is Truth?


He Is The Fullness Of Truth

In Him, there is no variance of truth.

In Him, there are no gray areas of truth.

In Him, there is no comprising of the truth.

He Brought Truth To The Fallen Man

That He a sinner could not save himself.

That he could only be saved by God’s Grace,

through His shed blood on Calvary’s Tree.

He Revealed Unto Man The Truth.

That man must worship God in truth and spirit.

That man must be born again by the Holy Spirit of God.

That God is the truth and that man’s truth is false.

He Brought Truth To Man To Free Man

Of spiritual bondage of Satan himself,

and to free man’s soul from spiritual death,

and to give him spiritual freedom in Christ.

He Proclaimed He Is The Great I Am.

I am the way to my Father in Heaven.

I am the truth that came down from Heaven.

I am the life that gives eternal life to man’s soul.

He Proclaimed His Truth Will Guide His Own.

His truth is only in God’s preserved word in the King James Bible.

His truth will guide His own if they are in His truth daily.

His truth will guide His own if they are walking with Him each day.

He Proclaimed That We Are Of The Truth.

That His own know that we are of the truth,

and that His own are walking in the truth daily,

and that His own love each other in the truth.

In Truth