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Fading Away


I cherish the memories of the past with my sweet Mary,

they become more precious as the days pass,

as I comfort her the very best I could,

as each day passes she slowly fades away from me.

As a new day dawns I rise to care for my Mary.

I knew not what my cares will be for that day,

but I know my heart belongs to God’s Son,

He will be there to guide me through each day.

As each day dawns I meditate in my heart,

the promises of God I claim each day,

because I have God’s Word hid in my heart,

knowing His Word will sustain me through my dark hours.

I have now only cherished memories of my Mary.

I know that someday my Saviour will call me home,

then I will be with my Saviour and my Mary,

when He will say your work is finished, come home.

Then those cherished memories will fade away,

being in the presence of my blessed Saviour and my Mary,

as I witness those nail scared hands that fade not away,

as a reminder of what it dearly cost my Saviour.