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Yesterday Today Tomorrow


Yesterday is dead, tomorrow is unborn, so there is nothing to fear,

and nothing to mourn, for all is past and that has been,

can never return to be lived again, and what lies ahead,

or the things that will be are still in God’s hands.

So it is not up to me, to live in the future, that is in God’s hands.

For the past, and present, God claims for His own, so all we need to do,

is to live for today, and trust God to show the truth, the way, for me.

For it is only the memory of things, that have been, and expecting tomorrow.

To bring trouble again, with unnecessary fears, and unnecessary,

borrowed distresses. that fills my day, which God wants to bless.

For all I need to live for is just this one little minute God has given me.

For this life is here and now, not yesterday, nor tomorrow, for eternity is in it.