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The Black Thread Of God’s Darkest Hour


In The Counsel Of the Triune God In Eternity Past Yet As One.

Was foreordained what would be God’s Darkest Hour

In the darkest of hours man’s soul would be redeemed,

from the slave market of sin headed by Satan himself.

The Question Is Asked, What Will Be The Price For Man’s Soul?

To redeem man’s soul in the tight grip of Satan in the slave market of sin.

God said, “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.”

For I shed innocent blood to clothe Adam with skin because of his nakedness.

The Question Is Asked, Who Could Make That Perfect Sacrifice?

For it was foreordained in the eternity past that a perfect sacrifice must be made,

for God Himself slew innocent animals to clothe Adam,

for man s, soul could only be redeemed by the blood of an innocent one.

The Question Is Asked, Who Is That “Perfect Sacrifice?” Without Spot Or Blemish.

The angels of Heaven could not begin to measure up to Gods High Standards,

nor could sinful and wicked carnal man on earth ever measure up to Gods High Standards.

There was not one of God’s created beings that could appease God’s Holy hatred of sin.

The Question Is Answered In The Counsel. By God’s Son The Lord Jesus Christ.

As He arose from His throne High and Lifted up. He said, “I will go.”

I will lay aside my royal robes of honor and humbly take upon the robes of flesh,

to be that innocent Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the earth.

I will be conceived in the womb of a virgin and humbly be born as the God-Man

I will set my heart and my mind to do the will of my Heavenly Father.

I will not by the will of God be deterred from the darkest of hours by Satan or man.

I will allow wicked men in those dark hours, to humiliate Me, to crucify Me, and bury Me.

On the third day from the darkest of tombs by thy will and power, I will arise.

And He was Victor over Death, Hell, and the Grave for the cords of death could not hold Him.

Yes, He paid the price of His innocent Divine blood, to free man’s soul from the slave market of sin,

so that man could be free from the burden of his sins and be reconciled back unto to God