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Dedicated To My Sweet Wife Mary

These prose writings are written in memory of the deep love she had for her Lord and Saviour, for her husband, and for others. These prose writings express the deep love we had for each other, a love that was rooted and grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ. In all the thirty years of our… Read More »

The Days Of Our Years

God in His Holy Word has given us the years of our life span In Psalm ninety verse ten it is so written with these words The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it… Read More »

The Doors Of Opportunity

As one travels down his God chosen hall of life, one passes by many, many doors of opportunity, one must remember every door passed by in ones hall of life, is a door that is a closed door of opportunity. Which door of opportunity is God’s will for my life? should be the question of… Read More »

Breath of Spring

As I sit in my office looking out the window, snow is falling covering the earth with a white, blanket of winter and is blowing its final, gasp soon the late winter storms will pass. Soon the earth will awaken from its winter sleep, the buds of plant life will began to swell with new… Read More »

My America

My heart is greatly troubled and exceedingly sorrowful, as I reflect upon the state of this once great nation, a nation that became great because of its foundation, a nation once blessed greatly by God now forsaken of God. No longer is there justice in this once great nation of ours, the cry from every… Read More »

Sentinels Of Our Great Nation

Dear God, founder of all nations and kingdoms. Who founded this great nation by God-fearing men, sentinels who paid the supreme sacrifice since its birth so we, might have freedom to worship and lead a peaceful life. Dear God, founder of all nations and kingdoms. Watch over our loved ones who are the sentinels of… Read More »

God’s Elder Servants

God’s elder servants never retire from God’s chosen ministry, they are active in the shadows, we just hand the torch of leadership to God’s chosen trained younger men, praying they will seek God’s wisdom and seek wise counsel from elder servants in their ministry, praying they will be wise leaders in their chosen ministry and… Read More »

Like The Days Of Noah-Continued (2)

But God In His Mercy, Grace, and Love Provided a way man whom He had made from clay that he, might escape the coming wrath of a Holy God and be cast into Hell. He sent His Son wrapped in the robes of clay, to agonize in prayer in the Garden. But God In His… Read More »