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My America


My heart is greatly troubled and exceedingly sorrowful,

as I reflect upon the state of this once great nation,

a nation that became great because of its foundation,

a nation once blessed greatly by God now forsaken of God.

No longer is there justice in this once great nation of ours,

the cry from every corner is equality for everyone, not justice,

that my dear friend is communism or socialism, not democracy,

for this nation was founded upon the Biblical principle “Justice For All.”

No longer do we have great men of stature leading this nation,

men who have high morals, who are honest and speak only the truth,

men who have only our country’s agenda and not their own personal agenda,

men today who can be bought at any price, and not for their own personal interests.

No longer is the White House a place where every red blooded American,

could point with pride and say from their heart my president lives there.

Today it has been desecrated, and lies in immoral ruin never to rise again,

to its former place in the hearts of God fearing true red-blooded Americans.

No longer is the home ordained of God where Dad is the breadwinner,

 where the mother stays at home raising their children to be God-fearing citizens.

Where Dad is the spiritual leader of the home and is responsible to God and,

 the wife is submissive to her husband and the husband is submissive to the Lord.

Yes I consider myself a God fearing American and once very proud of this nation.

I fought in the Pacific and in Europe during World War II and now 100 % disabled.

Now this country as a whole has been forsaken of God for its immoral pervert behavior.

Now this nation is on the path of self-destruction and will no longer exist as a nation.