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Those Nail Scared Hands


My Lord waits for me as I arise from a peaceful night,

as He watched over me as I rested from my labors.

I rejoice in the new day He has so graciously given me,

now He waits for me to walk with Him in this new day,

throughout this new day, He has so graciously given me.

May we never be guilty of spurning that nail-scarred hand.

Saying in so many words, I will walk this day alone,

grieving the heart of that nail scarred hand held out to me.

Those nail scarred hands that suffered untold pain on Calvary alone,

so that He might hold out to me a nail scarred hand to guide me.

May I arise each new day the Lord has so graciously given me,

may I reach out and place my hand in His nail Scarred Hand,

and let the Light of The World guide me safely in this Dark World.

Guide me safely through the storms of despair with thy nail Scarred Hand.

Guide me safely through the troubled waters with thy nail Scarred Hand.

May I as the days pass by and the days become weeks then months,

and the months becomes years and years become decades may I,

 become, more and more consumed in my walk with my Lord.

I must be in His Word daily to assure myself that His scarred Hand,

 will safely guide me as my steps become feebler in the sunset years of my life.

Till He calls me home to walk  there in Heaven with Him putting

my hand  in His nail scarred Hand to walk the streets,

of gold there in Heaven may we rejoice as we walk with Him.