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God’s Glorious Son The Lord Jesus Christ


There on the banks of the brook Cedron.

As the bitter waters flowed by, they sang a doleful song of death.

There on the banks at the darkest of nights in history.

Stood God’s Son The Lord Jesus Christ with His eyes heavenward.

Lifting His soul up in prayer to His Heavenly Father.

Saying, from the depths of His sorrowful and troubled soul.

That the foreordained darkest of hours had happened upon Him.

His soul was not sorrowful or troubled over the agonizing pain.

Nor the humiliation He would suffer at the hands of wicked men,

sorrowful soul troubled because He would loose the presence of His Father.

Saying, these words unto His Heavenly Father.

Glorify thy Son so that I might glorify Thee.

For I have glorified Thee while I was here on earth.

For I have finished the work you have given me to do.

For He sought glory from His Father not from man.

Saying, these words unto His Heavenly Father

Thou hast given me power over all flesh.

and I have given unto them eternal life.

So they may know the only true living God,

and have communion with Him for all eternity in Heaven.

Saying, these words unto His Heavenly Father

Soon the darkest of hours will descend upon Me.

Soon pain, humiliation, and death will rack my flesh.

But beyond this is what my heart dwells on.

I will return to Heaven and to my former glory.

May we who are His own by His precious blood,

shed on Calvary’s tree and free by His death from death.

Now waiting and watching for his soon return for His own.

Seeking glorify His precious name while we are waiting for resurrection morn.

May we seek not the glory of earthly man while here on earth?

Rather may we seek to Glorify the One who gave us Eternal Life?

No matter what God may call upon us to do for Him.

It may be untold pain to martyrdom for we know not.

Let us not dwell upon our sufferings only the glories of Heaven.

That we might hear our Saviour say, “Well done my good and faithful Servant.”

That we might hear our Saviour say, May thy name be glorified my faithful servant.