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God’s Peace Offering To All Mankind


God’s greatest desire, was to reconcile man back to Himself

He yearned to again commune, and to walk with man whom He had created,

in his own image and placed in the Garden of Eden nearly 6,000 years ago.

His heart was greatly grieved when man disobeyed Him and fell into sin and hid himself.

God in His love, mercy, and grace made a promise that He would provide a way

So that man could again commune with Him and walk with Him in the cool of the day.

In eternity past by Divine counsel of a Triune God it was foreordained by God,

that His Son the Lord Jesus Christ was the only one who could appease,

His Holy wrath against sin for there was no created being that could.

God’s Son Jesus Christ arose from His throne and laid aside His Kingly Garments

Of His outward expression of His glories of Heaven I will go.

To be conceived in the womb of a virgin and to born as the God-Man.

To be the peace offering that might reconcile all mankind back to myself.

By suffering, by humiliation, death by crucifixion, at the hands of very wicked men.

God’s Son Jesus Christ arose from that Dark Tomb victor over the death, hell, and the grave

To be buried in a virgin tomb, and to be risen on the third day by God victor over death and hell.

To be the peace offering, the only offering that could reconcile man back to His Creator God Almighty.

A peace offering, offered as a gift held out to every man, women, and child on earth.

To whosoever will reach up with a broken repentant heart and accept God’s gift of peace with God..

Knowing now, they have the peace of God in their hearts and have the most precious gift given eternal life.