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My Devoted Mary


Dear Lord please reward my Devoted Mary.

A faithful servant of yours.

who always put you first in her life,

then put others before herself.

Dear Lord please reward myDevoted Mary.

A devoted servant of yours,

who sought not to be in the spotlight,

who served with humility in the shadows.

Dear Lord please reward my Devoted Mary.

A devoted wife over many years,

who sought only to be a helpmate,

whether in the valley or on the mountaintop.

Dear Lord please comfort my Devoted Mary

Who sought to comfort many dying Saints,

even though weary from a long nightly vigil,

her comforting words brought peace to all.

Dear Lord please bless my Devoted  Mary.

Her sweet smile brought peace to all.

Her sweet spirit lifted those who were weary.

Her handshake and kind words were a warm welcome.

Dear Lord please give solace to my Devoted Mary.

We know not where this valley will lead.

We know our Dear Lord is with us.

We seek only Your will for our Lord Jesus knows best.

Dear Lord please welcome home my Devoted Mary.

If it is your will to take my sweet Mary home,

to be with you there will be tears of loneliness,

but I know someday I will see her sweet smile again.

In Love, Mary