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Those Lingering Farewells With My Sweet Mary


My sweet precious Lord as I lift my eyes beyond the Heaven of Heaven.

I come lifting my soul unto thee overflowing with gratitude and humility.

For sustaining me, with love, grace, mercy, and strength, so sorely needed,

As I watched my sweet Mary fade away, from me day by day into another world.

Then came that heart-breaking day, which I knew would come someday,

when my sweet Mary and I must part for an unknown season of time.

We entered into her final home on this earth a rest home apart from me.

As the door closed behind us, tears dimmed my eyes as we proceeded to her room.

Then the heart wrenching truth dawned upon me at that very moment,

The door had closed upon our lives as husband and wife.

No longer would we share the joys of serving our Lord together.

No longer would we walk together hand in hand with our Lord.

Now my sweet Mary’s whole body is racked with pain untold,

no longer can she express in simple words the untold pain she suffers.

Yet as I sit by her bedside, I see beyond her sweet smile a body of pain.

As she tightly holds my hand, I know she lies in great, untold pain.

As each day dawns my heart sorely aches for my sweet Mary as she lies in great pain.

I go to spend the day from dawn to nightfall to sit by her beside to comfort her, the best I can.

When I leave at night, I see her pained face and outside I burst out in uncontrollable tears,

saying to my sweet Lord Jesus repeatedly. It is so hard. It is so hard. It is so hard.

It is only by God’s Grace, love, mercy, and strength I am able to face each new day.

I face each of those lingering farewells in God’s strength as Mary says, “I love you so very much.”

I question not my sweet Lord for those heart-wrenching farewells as I face each one,

for my precious Lord has a very good purpose in them. I pray His Glorious Name will be glorified in them.

For I know someday, those lingering farewells will be over for my sweet Mary and I.

For I know someday my sweet Lord will send the angels to escort my sweet Mary home.

Then those lingering farewells will change to goodnight, I will see you on Resurrection morn.

Then in our new glorified bodies, we will worship our most precious Lord Jesus in person.

In Love, Mary