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My Mary Returns Home


Those lingering farewells are now over for my Mary and I.

Now she is being cared for at home in her remaining days on earth.

For on “January 10 1999” as I sat by her bedside in the late evening hour.

Preparing to leave her, she tightly held my hand and with tear stained cheeks tenderly said,

“Take me home for I do not want to die alone in a rest home apart from you.”

As I looked into her pained face, I was overwhelmed with those sweet words she spoke.

With faltering voice, I said, “I will take you home and tenderly care for you.”

I knew in my heart I would face very serious opposition from her family, that they did,

But with a living will and approval of our Doctor of nine years and our God, she came home.

As I faced each day I knew there would be difficult times during the daytime and nighttime,

Alone I knew I could never face each problem that might arise during the day or night.

I knew I did not have to carry my burden alone caring for my Mary; Hospice was there to help me,

Most of all I knew my sweet Lord Jesus would carry my burden and me through this dark valley.

For He went through this valley before me, and I know He will be with me in my dark valley.

I know His love, His Grace, and His Mercy will sustain me as I cleave unto Him.

For I know someday my Mary will rest in the bosom of our sweet Lord Jesus.

What peace floods my soul when I look upon the peaceful face of my Mary.

Even though her face is lined with pain, she is at peace because she is at home where I can care for her.

Where her every need will be met as the need arises around the clock with a loving caring smile and a kiss.

She knows I am there to hold her hand, to pray with her, and to read God’s comforting Holy Word to her.

To comfort her when her pain becomes almost unbearable, she knows I will be there whatever time it may be.

What peace floods my soul when I look upon my Mary as she sleeps in peace knowing I am near,

I am so very thankful I was able  to bring my Mary home so that she might have peace in her last days.

I know it was my Lord Jesus Christ that made it all possible because my trust was in Him alone,

someday I know she will not awake from her peaceful sleep for the angels will escort her to Heaven.

Then on April 1, 1999 at 3:40 am in the morning with my Pastor on one side of the bed and I on the other side.

I was holding her hands in mine looking into her peaceful face with a sweet smile as she took her last breath.

She no longer has that pain in her face, she has a peaceful look on her face as the angels escorted  her to heaven.

There to rest in the bosom of our Savior, waiting for that glorious resurrection morn for all those who are His.

Then my Mary and I will be together again for all eternity with our precious Lord Jesus Christ.

In Love, Mary