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The Dark Hours of Gethsemane


The dark hours of Gethsemane foreordained by God had come,

where God’s Son would face untold agony and sorrow alone.

The sorrowful darkness for God’s Son at length had come.

He knew He would be forsaken by all and was too face this hour alone.

As He faced this hour alone His soul became greatly troubled,

and He became exceedingly sorrowful in that hour alone,

as He agonized in prayer, His soul became more troubled.

As He prayed thrice in the dark hours of Gethsemane alone.

In the fervency of His prayer, His strength was soon gone,

He began to sweat as it were great drops of blood falling,

to the ground as He lay with garments soaked with His blood.

His strength was gone as He prayed to His Father in Heaven alone

                                             He could have called down legions of angels from Heaven,

but only one angel came down to strengthen Him in that sorrowful hour,

as the entire heavenly host watched from the Portals of Heaven that sorrowful scene.

As He fervently prayed thrice in the darkest of hours to His Heavenly Father alone.

As God’s Son prayed thrice-in fervent prayer, he sought not His will but His Fathers,

saying in His fervent prayer nevertheless thy will be done to His heavenly Father,

if it is thy will I must drink this bitter cup of the worlds sin it is my will to drink it.

As He prayed surrendering His will to His Fathers will in those darkest of hours alone.

Where would I be if it was not for the darkest of hours in the Garden of Gethsemane?

Where my Saviour suffered so greatly in agonizing prayer for the world and for me alone.

Surrendering His will to drink the bitter cup of my sins and the world in Gethsemanealone.

This He did in the lonely dark hours of Gethsemane for the world and for me alone.

So that I would not suffer the agonizing torments in the lake of fire for eternity.

I praise God from the depths of my soul for loving me so very much.

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